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Here at That Salad Lady, we use the art of salad making to improve food literacy and inspire small changes that lead to lifelong confidence. As we teach people to build their bowls, we teach them layers of wellness for more informed choices. We do this through hands-on and digital-learning experiences as well as impactful services, outlined below.

Healthy Recipes & Blog

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a health condition, or just improve your eating habits, That Salad Lady’s easy and approachable salad-inspired recipes make the process of preparing and eating whole foods uncomplicated and unpretentious.

Beyond the bowl, our blog features simple eating and lifestyle hacks, tips and ideas to help you make more confident choices, stress less and start living a more balanced life. Read them here.

Resources, Programs & Partnerships

Whether you’re trying to change your eating habits for better health, break out of a yo-yo dieting cycle or just build a healthier, happier relationship with food, That Salad Lady’s resources and programs are designed to make you more confident and competent in preparing meals for yourself and others. We also partner with like-minded influencers and brands that share our values and align with our Guiding Principles.

With eBooks, online courses, collaborations and more, you’ll expand your knowledge of food and nutrition, learn simple culinary skills for sustainable meal prep, and explore practical ways to build your own salad bowls and ultimately, your own life. Contact us for more information.

Events, Demos & Corporate Services

Whether you’re a business looking to encourage employee well-being, a journalist in need of a credible source, an event planner looking for an engaging and experienced speaker, a non-profit building a wellness campaign, or an organization trying to encourage healthier habits among individuals, families or communities, That Salad Lady uses the art of salad creation to teach basic culinary skills and wellness concepts to people from all walks of life.

From hands-on cooking demonstrations to culinary classes and nutritional courses, we work with organizations of all types and sizes to produce and promote a range of healthy eating and wellness programs, products, and services for individuals and groups. Contact us for more information.

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