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About Us

Founded by healthy living coach and globally recognized wellness expert, Nina Cherie Franklin, That Salad Lady is a blog and brand that inspires healthy eating and living through simple-to-follow instructions, scientific-based learnings and fun ways to make wellness attainable for all.

Here at That Salad Lady, our mission is to boost people’s eating confidence with approachable salad making, culinary content and community-based programs. We envision a world where each person is confident in their own ability to make optimal food and lifestyle choices.

We do this by teaching our readers how to improve their eating habits through salad making. If that sounds uncomplicated and unpretentious, then we’ve done our jobs!

Each recipe comes with ingredient-by-ingredient education on what is included and why. From learning the nutritional importance of each component to understanding the flavor and texture impact of each combination, readers will become savvier both in and outside the kitchen.

Put another way, we guide readers to take a salad-centric approach for preparing whole-food meals and practicing whole-life wellness.

By teaching people how to build their bowls, we teach them how to build more layers of wellness. With these layers, people will make more informed choices and be more intentional in their eating and lifestyle habits. Even the biggest salad skeptics will find salad making to be an enjoyable way to eat whole foods without it seeming like they’re having “just a salad.”

Through hands-on and digital learning experiences, That Salad Lady empowers everyone to build their bowls and, ultimately, their ideal life.

Here are a few words from our founder, Nina Cherie Franklin…

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