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Meet “That Salad Lady”

Hi, my name is Nina Cherie Franklin, otherwise known as That Salad Lady. I’m so glad you’re here. Before you explore the site, let me be the first to tell you a little about myself. I’m a healthy living coach with a twist, as I spent many years as a scientist working in academia.

I hold a doctorate in kinesiology, nutrition and rehabilitation, have multiple certifications in these areas and am a globally recognized wellness expert. I’ve spent the last two decades successfully helping corporate and private clients and contributing to dozens of national media publications and scientific journals. Now I want to help you.

Like you, I have a story that’s shaped my relationship with wellness. I’m a working mom and wife who has lived through poverty and even been homeless. I battled and beat food addiction and obesity. I survived multiple miscarriages, anxiety and depression.

That Salad Lady was born from my intense empathy for those who feel they can never lose weight, achieve good health or live the life they want due to their economic, emotional or environmental circumstances.

I’ve been there. 

By teaching mindful salad making, I correct a lot of the commercial messaging and misinformation standing in your way.

Creating Confident Eaters for Lifelong Wellness

As That Salad Lady, my sole mission is to boost your eating confidence with approachable salad creations, culinary content and community-based programs. I want you to be confident in your own ability to make optimal food and lifestyle choices.

Every bowl is an opportunity for you to build a new layer of wellness.

You’ll see me active in the academic and media world in order to continue my efforts to influence the wellness industry and to advocate for making healthy living more approachable, accessible and inclusive. But as That Salad Lady, I am here to prove that this can all start with a salad. Let’s build your bowl and your life.


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