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Beyond the Bowl

That Salad Lady was founded on the belief that every salad is an opportunity to build a new layer of wellness. By teaching you how to build your bowl, we help you gain more confidence through a greater sense of control over your eating patterns, food choices and overall ability to make healthy, satisfying meals for yourself and others. Here’s how we do it.

Guiding Principles

Here at That Salad Lady, we emphasize whole-food-nutrition for whole-life wellness. Our salad-centric Guiding Principles not only drive what we eat and how we live but also guide the content we create, the lessons we teach, and even the products and services we promote. As you’re browsing the site and starting to live by some of our methods, you will experience:

  • Space to learn, without being judged.
  • An appreciation for calories, rather than agony over counting them.
  • Lifestyle content based on evidence-based advice.
  • A new eagerness to try whole foods.
  • Delight in the eating experience.
  • Learning and growth for greater confidence.
  • Awareness of the interplay of movement and mind-body balance.
  • Decisioning made easy about when, what and how much you eat.
  • Your health and wellness goals!

What’s in a Bowl

Contrary to popular belief, a salad isn’t just a bowl of “rabbit food.” It doesn’t have to be a meal of abstention either. Whether ordering out or eating in, salad creation is an enjoyable way to eat whole foods without it seeming like “just a salad.” Through hands-on and digital learning experiences, That Salad Lady empowers you to build your bowl and, ultimately, your ideal life.

Five Bowl Basics

1. Lots of Non-Starchy Vegetables

You’ll always get more nutritional bang for your buck by filling at least half your salad bowl with non-starchy vegetables, especially deeply colored ones like leafy greens, bell peppers, beets, carrots and red onion. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about them all.

2. Fruity and Berry Sweet Treats

Among nature’s perfect foods, fruits are a quick, easy and healthy way to upgrade your salad bowl! As with veggies, deeply colored fruits house the most nutrients, especially tomatoes and other berries – but you’ll find all kinds and we will explain as we go.

3. Fat and Everything In Between

Yup, we said it! Fats are must-have ingredients in EVERY salad bowl. Besides the fact that fats make everything taste better, they also boost feelings of fullness and support your body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins contained in other foods. You’ll learn to love fat!

4. Pure, Unadulterated Protein Power

The essence of a salad bowl, protein helps preserve muscle, burn fat and rev up metabolism. Whether you follow a vegan, vegetarian or plant-forward diet, or you’re a meat-lover, we’ll always include a good-quality protein source for you.

5. A Hearty Little Space for Starches

Not all starchy foods are “bad.” Many are actually great sources of health-promoting fiber, protein and other nutrients. A little portion can bring a whole salad bowl to life and we’ll share how they balance the bowl for both nutrition and taste.

That Salad Lady packs a lot in each bowl which may send your “calorie” alarms ringing. But we encourage you to understand the balance that every ingredient brings and keep learning how each fully nourishes your body and mind. We’ll always link to our Nutrition Glossary so you know the “why” behind every ingredient in every salad bowl.

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